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WWE Superstar Shake-up 2018 – Night 2 Recap

WWE Superstar Shake-up 2018 – Night 2 Recap

Tonight was the second half of this year’s WWE Superstar Shake-up, this time allowing us to know which superstars from RAW were moved to SmackDown Live. Let’s take a look at whaa happened.

We start the show with the WWE Champion, AJ Styles, cutting a promo about his current feud against Shinsuke Nakamura, throwing a challenge against him for a match. Unfortunately for AJ, the one answering his challenge was Rusev, accompanied by Eiden English. After just a few seconds, though, AJ applied a Calf Crusher on Rusev, causing Eiden to interfere getting Rusev disqualified. They attacked AJ just to see Daniel Bryan running down the ring to help the champion.

The second match of the night brings Shelton Benjamin to the ring, this time as a solo wrestler given how Chad Gable was drafted to the red brand. Benjamin cuts a promo saying that his Twitter account got hacked because he would’ve never said Gable was an inspirational partner and that he hoped he had a good run now that he is part of the RAW roster, as he never needed Gable and it was the other way around. Benjamin asked for a good challenge and so The Viper, Randy Orton appeared.

But we get the first surprise of the night: Jeff Hardy, the new United States Champion, and the latest Grand Slam Champion, appeared to interrupt Orton’s entrance.

Guess I was wrong about the championship exchange between brands this year, to mimic what happened during last year’s Superstar Shake-up. I really wanted to see Seth Rollins in SmackDown, but I’m not mad about getting Jeff though. Now, we won’t see Brother Nero any time soon, then.

The match was really fast as we could have expected from a match between these two, but Jeff repeated his Twist of Fate + Swanton Bomb to defeat Shelton Benjamin, even after he was having issues with one of his legs. This wasn’t a championship match, but it could’ve been, mostly with the quality we got to see.

We see a promo by The Miz, who talks about Daniel Bryan’s tweet saying he has been waiting a long time to “#punchhisface”. He says he isn’t at the show, but he is at his home, and we get to see Maryse for the first time in a long time, supporting her husband while holding their daughter.

Now we come from commercial break to get the announcement of Absolution (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville) coming to SmackDown Live, just before we see that the next match will see The Usos against the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Bludgeon Brothers, but on a singles match between Luke Harper and Jay Uso.

This was a super short match, with Luke Harper winning and destroying Jay Uso, just to have Jimmy attack Luke with one of their maces, something that didn’t work at all, as it only got them angrier, but just before they attacked Jimmy, Naomi ran down to the ring and pledged for them to not attack her husband.

The next match of the night has Sin Cara fighting against none other than Samoa Joe!!! Now SmackDown Live has one of the most dangerous wrestlers in the company. What a pick by Shane McMahon and Paige!!!

There wasn’t much Sin Cara could do against this destroyer, who made him quit with his iconic Coquina Clutch. A match that didn’t last more than 5 minutes, but we got one of his classic promos right after the match. Joe criticizes the fact that the blue brand has become the “land of the giveaways” and that superstars have been having it really easy, and he will be putting everyone to sleep, throwing a warning to Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and even AJ Styles.

Joe says he will completely destroy Roman Reigns at Backlash; however, the crowd didn’t have too much of a reaction, proving that people do not care about Reigns at all anymore, after the unexpected turn of events that was Wrestlemania, which was pretty much his last chance to get some support by the fans.

We come back from another commercial break and Daniel Bryan is giving an interview to Renee Young, explaining that he helped AJ Styles because he wants to fight him at some point, just to get interrupted by the newest addition of the brand: Big Cass!

Our new SmackDown Women’s Champion, Carmella, comes to the ring to cut a promo, saying what she has been saying through social media the whole week, that nobody ever supported her and now they are supporting her just because she proved them wrong and was able to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase after 287 days of holding it, just to become the new champion.

Of course, Charlotte had to appear to shut her up, by throwing at her face that she only won the Money in the Bank by getting help from James Ellsworth (without mentioning his name). During Charlotte’s interruption, the Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) appears to say they weren’t the guilty ones for her defeat by Carmella.

Charlotte attacks the Iconic Duo only to get destroyed by them, but Charlotte’s friend Becky Lynch arrived to help her out. Of course, we get a match here: Charlotte against Billie Kay, with Peyton Royce and Becky Lynch supporting their friends outside the ring, and Carmella in the commentators’ table.

In the end, Charlotte Flair hits her Figure 8, making Billie tap out of the match, just to get attacked by Carmella, while Peyton attacks Becky Lynch. Of course, we needed another surprise: Asuka has been drafted to SmackDown Live, and she comes out to save Charlotte and Becky.

We didn’t even get to celebrate this victory too much, and we are told that The Club (Gallows and Anderson) have been drafted to the blue brand!

Now we get the announcement of The Bar, R-Truth, Sanity and Andrade “Cien” Almas along with Zelina Vega have arrived to SmackDown Live as well!

We have arrived to the Main Event of the night, with AJ Styles teaming up with Daniel Bryan to go against Rusev and Eiden English. We had a great match until Shinsuke Nakamura attacked AJ Styles and Big Cass attacked Daniel Bryan. Cass and Nakamura certainly are going to become two top heels of the blue brand, and I’m certainly loving this new side of Nakamura, but I’m worried about AJ Styles, he has been getting too many low punches….he might need some ice for that.

What do you think of the Superstar Shake-up results?

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