EarJoy Earplugs Review: Keep Your Ears Safe!

EarJoy Earplugs Review: Keep Your Ears Safe!

EarJoy has developed two different types of earplugs, ranging from mold-able silicone to a treefold shape. See them here and check out what they can do to save your ears.

The treefold shape earplugs are a very unique design as the tree part goes into your ear and the silicone rod stays out of it. It fits into the ear canal pretty securely, and can feel a bit weird if you are not used to it. As for the silicone molding plugs, they have a waxy texture to them, but are completely mold-able to your ear canal.

As for the functionality and use of this product, I would say only adults should be using it to prevent ear damage, and also don’t put them too far in your ear. They prevent quite a bit of noise, and for the Amazon price they’re worth it.

You can grab them here on Amazon.

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