Unomar Burlap Ribbon Review; DIY Crafts!

Unomar Burlap Ribbon Review; DIY Crafts!

Unomar has developed a product bundle on Amazon for burlap ribbon with lace and jute cord together, providing the perfect DIY material for weddings, invitations, and the fall season. Check out their quality here and start imagining what you could make with them!

The lace burlap ribbon is 3.5 inches in width and has over 13 feet of material made of both lace and burlap. The material is fairly stiff and could be used for bows and wrappings on invitations or vases.

Going forward, the hollow out burlap roll is fairly light and has some parts that are a see-through around the lace. This one is 1.5 inches in width and has also 13 feet of material. It’s much thinner than the previous roll, and could be used as well for invitations or vases. Having the edges partially see-through is very enticing for projects you also want to show off.

Lastly is the jute twine which is .2 CM in width and has 150 feet. This is perfect for tying packages or envelopes, or could even be used in the garden to keep plants on their stakes.

Personally I think these are adorable ribbons, and with wedding season coming up it’s no surprise that they will be sold frequently on Amazon. I know i’ll be using them for my DIY projects, what about you?

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