Legend of Bum-bo Receives Release Trailer

Bum-bo want preview!

The Legend of Bum-bo, the newest game by Edmund McMillen, has just released its launch trailer. It plans to release on Steam (for PC and Mac) and mobile in 2018.

Billed as a sort of prequel to The Binding of IsaacBum-bo tells the tale of the titular character, a bum who lives in a box behind a house on a hill (presumably the same house in which Isaac and his Mom lived.) Despite only having a bag of trash and a shiny coin, life is good. That is, until, a shadowy figure steals Bum-bo’s coin and flees into the sewers. Armed with a trash bag filled with junk, Bum-bo gives chase after his prized coin. No amount of horrific creatures will stop him, because “Bum-bo! Want! Coin!” Will this story give more insight into the tragic past of Isaac and his parents? Or maybe it will explain how Bum-bo wound up as a powerup in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth? It seems that we can only speculate for now.

Bum-bo (also) want gameplay!

The game seems to work like a mix of Isaac’s dungeon crawling with a combat system resembling the classic mobile genre, the match-4 puzzle. You start off with gear based on your character choice (like Isaac, they’re all the same character in different clothes,) and explore the dungeon. In combat, Bum-bo can match tiles to attack, defend, and gain mana for a variety of “spells.” Although it seems to not have Isaac’s semi-Christian themes, there are still plenty of nods to the crybaby’s game. The enemies look familiar, the trailer plays a remix of Diptera Sonata (the Basement theme in Rebirth,) and the gameplay ends with a familiar leg stomping on enemies and laughing evilly.

The Legend of Bum-bo is slated for a 2018 release later this year. It will release on Steam (PC and Mac) as well as mobile via The Label.

You can follow the game’s development blog here.

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