Watch: Official Venom Trailer

Throughout the day, some leaked footage for the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff movie, Venom, hit the internet by surprise after it was showcased at CinemaCon; now, the trailer has been officially released online for everybody to watch it.

Certainly, this isn’t the best looking trailer ever; however, for some strange reason Sony decided to release this trailer to the public, with about 6 months to go before it premieres in theaters, so we are definitely safe to assume that there’s a lot of post-production work to be done before we get to see the finished product.

Venom stars Tom Hardy alongside Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed, in a storyline which is going to be loosely based on the ’90s “Lethal Protector” miniseries from Marvel Comics. Something that isn’t clear in this moment is if Venom will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not, even though there are some sound rumors flying around which mention Tom Holland’s supposed involvement in the film.

Venom premieres in theaters on October 5.

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