Crackdown 3 Potential E3 2018 Announcement

Crackdown 3 Potential E3 2018 Announcement

Fans have been waiting patiently for new information on Crackdown 3 after the initial announcement during E3 2014. While this was a long time ago, new developments have shown that could lead to an E3 2018 announcement. See them here!

On a recent Brazilian Rating Board, Crackdown 3 has appeared, and is shown as 16+ and M for mature. While this may not seem like a big deal, with E3 being only months away, this could lead into an announcement from Microsoft.

Usually, rating boards don’t get information on games unless they are close to being released. Only last month did the Xbox boss Phil Spencer give details that Crackdown 3 has a plan, and that they have a locked in date.

Microsoft is still developing Crackdown 3, and it is expected to release on the Xbox One and PC.

We’ll keep you informed as new details develop for the hopefully upcoming game!

Source – EGM Now, ResetEra

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