E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule!

E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule!

Some new details for E3 have come up, pertaining to the press conference schedule for the convention. Check out the times here when you can find your favorite publishers!

  • EA – Saturday, June 9, 11am Pacific Time (2 PM EST)
    • EA has been under fire recently for Star Wars: Battlefront II and micro-transactions. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this press conference, and if we’ll see any Anthem details!
  • Microsoft – Sunday, June 10, 1pm Pacific Time (4 PM EST)
    • Microsoft will always have interesting things to discuss, from the Xbox One to Gears of War. We can’t wait to see what they reveal!
  • Bethesda – Sunday, June 10, 6:30pm Pacific Time (9:30 PM EST)
    • Bethesda has had some major releases including Doom, Fallout 4, and Prey, we can’t wait to see what they can show us for this E3. Maybe a Prey DLC? (We hope)
  • Ubisoft – Monday, June 11, 1pm Pacific Time (4 PM EST)
    • Ubisoft has just released Far Cry 5, but there’s always something else down their lineup. Maybe some Far Cry 5 fixes, or a new Assassin’s Creed?

We’ll keep you posted on any new E3 details that come up! We’re definitely excited to see what comes out this year. Borderlands 3 would be a great surprise.

Source – Kotaku


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