New Sims 4 Patch Quietly Renames Insane Trait

New Sims 4 Patch Quietly Renames Insane Trait

I’m not crazy. Just erratic.

The patch notes for The Sims 4 are always interesting to read. It helps you stay informed about the latest bug fixes, and can reveal some interesting situations you might not have seen. The latest patch, however, had an interesting change noticed by observant players.

Maxis and Electronic Arts made a change in the base game that was not mentioned among the updates in the April 17th patch notes (such as “Woohoo partners will no longer be chastised for sleeping in the sims bed after woohoo”.)  Despite this, it’s a rather large change. “Insane” was one of the many personality traits a sim could have. Among other things, this trait caused sims to experience wild mood swings, talk to themselves, and live a life governed by randomness. “Erratic” is the new name for this trait. Every other aspect of the trait has stayed the same, including the body in a straitjacket icon, but changing the name of the trait is a refreshing move that better fits the effects of the trait.

Why is this important?

In a Kotaku article written about a month ago, Gita Jackson expressed her displeasure with the Insane trait, which appeared in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. She said that part of it was how it made the sim extremely random and frustrating to play. A second part was how it felt less like the sims had their own concrete desires. Perhaps the most important part of her displeasure was how it somewhat stigmatized actual mental health issues:

“Insane sims can’t see a therapist or take medication, the way people in the real world might be able to. They’re just Insane, lashing out at their peers and talking to themselves like an antiquated version of how culture has portrayed how mentally ill people behave. They live with all the real life stigma, but they don’t get any of the real life solutions.”

While this simple name change may not seem significant to some, this change is actually a big step in a positive direction when it comes to mental health portrayal.

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