Watch: Destiny 2 Warmind Prologue; Out May 8th

Bungie has just released the official prologue video for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion called Warmind. While this is expected to come out on May 8th, you can watch the preview here!

For this new expansion Destiny is bringing in the melting of the frozen ice caps on Mars, where an ancient enemy is coming out of. To combat this and prevent the Hive and new enemies, Frozen Hive from unleashing their gods, the Guardian will have to use weapons created during the golden age. Ana Bray, a Hunter Gunslinger, is one of the new characters revealed in this DLC, along with the reawakening of Rasputin, the Warmind.

Along with this, a new endgame co-op mode will be available called Escalation Protocol. You’ll be able to fight new enemies, solve new puzzles, and win new challenging rewards. Some new exotic gear has also been revealed, as is expected with new expansions. Some of the exotics can be found below:

We’ll keep you informed as new details develop for this Warmind expansion.

Source – PlayStation BlogPC Gamer

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