Nintendo Announces New RPG IP Dragalia Lost for Mobile

Nintendo’s First New Mobile IP

Nintendo has another mobile game coming down the pipes. This time, however, it will be their first new mobile intellectual property (IP.)

The new IP, called Dragalia Lost, is described as an “all-new original action RPG” which will be co-developed by the company Cygames. Established in 2011, Cygames is a video game development company owned and created by the Japanese web services company CyberAgent. Cygames is known for creating games like Rage of BahamutGranblue Fantasy, and Shadowverse. The company DeNA, known for their involvement in Nintendo’s mobile market, also owns a 24% stake in Cygames. In addition, as part of their partnership, Nintendo will gain about 5% of Cygames’s issued stock through a third-party allocation of its treasury stock.

Amidst the Changing of the Guard

This new announcement comes amidst news of Nintendo’s new president, the 46-year-old Shuntaro Furukawa, who will replace 68-year-old Tatsumi Kimishima. In the Wall Street Journal article that reported this change, Furukawa stated that “he wanted to turn smartphone games into a revenue pillar for the company, a goal Mr. Kimishima said he wasn’t able to fully achieve during his time in office”. This strong interest in the mobile market is likely a major reason behind the partnership with Cygames. Nintendo earned 39.3 billion Yen (about $359537815.51) from smartphone games and property rights in fiscal 2017.

As for information on Dragalia Lost, we only have the announcement trailer to go by. The official Japanese website is currently taking pre-registrations and offering in-game rewards for early players. Dragalia Lost is slated for a later summer release, with the game first releasing in Asia before seeing an American and European release.

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