Stardew Valley Launches Beta Multiplayer

Stardew Valley Launches Beta Multiplayer

Chucklefish has announced the official beta for the Stardew Valley multiplayer implementation. Fans have been excited over this development since it was announced the previous year, and are finally getting a chance to test it out!

While this Stardew Valley beta is happening, the only way to access it currently is through Steam’s multiplayer, and it will soon be coming to GOG.

Chucklefish has given full details on how to access this multiplayer beta on their official blog post, and also how to secure your files while you visit your friend’s farm. To opt into the beta on Steam, you can follow Chucklefish’s guidelines:

“To enable the beta in Steam, right click the game in your library and select properties. On the window that pops up there will be a ‘betas’ tab. In the text box, type the password for the branch: jumpingjunimos. Then click the ‘Check Code’ button.”

There are many more details regarding the hosting of your farm and the ability to visit your friend’s farm, which are all listed via the Chucklefish blog, giving a tutorial along with screenshots on how to make this a reality

We’ll keep you posted on any new Chucklefish and Stardew Valley news as it comes!

Source – Chucklefish Blog, Rock Paper Shotgun

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