Annabelle Comes Home


Third Installment of the Annabelle Franchise Coming Soon

You heard right The Conjuring franchise is adding another horror movie to whatever growing franchise waiting for release in just a few short months The third film about  Annabelle the demon-possessed doll, will be hitting theaters in Summer of 2019. The demon possessed doll we all know and love will be joined by some of the other recurring characters

The director of the first Annabelle film John R. Leonetti Will be returning as well, David F. Sandberg replaced him for the second movie called Annabelle Creation, and a different director could drastically change the feel of the third movie making it more like the first one.

Fans of The Conjuring and movies like it can continue to rejoice, as The Conjuring universe is continuing to grow rapidly. Annabelle, the film about the evil doll is slated to have a spin-off movie titled The Nun. And this movie will focus largely on the caretaker of the orphaned children from the first movie in the Annabelle franchise.

A third film about the demon-possessed doll could certainly become a very welcome addition to The Conjuring universe. The films in this franchise have quickly become a staple in the horror community.

We’ll keep you informed as new details come for Annabelle and The Conjuring.

Sources: ComingSoon

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