Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + Releases Final ‘Booster Pack’

Gone, but not forgotten

Yesterday evening marked the release of the final ‘Booster Pack’ update for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +. Officially known as ‘The Forgotten’, this update features plenty of new content and a hidden surprise for the adventurous.

WARNING: Potential spoilers for the ending to Binding of Isaac.

In the development blog for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (as well as both expansions), a new update was posted. In it was a trailer and notes for the new update. The trailer depicts the shadowy silhouette of Isaac’s Mom burying her son’s remains as the eerie rendition of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ from the first Rebirth trailer plays.

The post also comes with a spoilerless list of what’s new in the game, as well as links to the Steam pages of the creators. For those that do not know, the ‘Booster Pack’ updates, as Edmund calls them, consist of a variety of game mods that are implemented into the main game. This update includes eight new items/trinkets, with links to their creator’s Steam page:

What else is new?

The Forgotten also add two new graphical fix mods (Real Cone Head and More Dirt Sprites), five new enemies, a new boss, 817 new rooms, and hundreds of fixes and improvements. A full list of the improvements can be seen here. The items and trinkets in the previous booster packs have also been locked in order to implement 64 new achievements. 28 of them are related to new content, while the rest are based on the Switch version. Finally, there’s one big secret that requires some keen observational skills and a willingness to explore. Or you could just spoil the whole thing and do some data mining, if you don’t mind annoying Edmund Mcmillen.

Booster Packs 4 and 5 will be added to the console versions soon.

The big secret
The game offers a secret character, but you have to be able to defeat the boss on the first floor extremely quickly. You also have to be willing to carry around an item that will put you under constant assault.

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