Killing Floor Incursion Release Today.


What a better way to kick off the month of May, then with a new game release, Right? Well, you my dear readers are in luck. The Killing Floor Incursion is now released!

This game ix one where mature audiences, can enjoy really intense violent combat.  The intense scenes of the first-person combat game are only made better by the awesome graphics of the PlayStation game. Tripwire which is the company who is responsible for the development of Killing Floor Incursion says that a player enjoys this trippy gore fest solo or with another player.  The game is designed to so that a player must use both hands to play the game Tripwire says that choice was made intentionally so that when someone is playing the game they can become totally immersed in the insane, bloody, thrill ride of experiences with which playing the game Killing Floor Incursion, can provide a player. The attempt to ensure that the players of the game become totally absorbed in the plot in an important feature to the story-driven plot of the game, the player must fight the Zed which a player must fight to survive, Tripwire states that there is a Holdout mode, which makes sure a player has a bloody thrilling time while they’re killing


Watch Trailor  Here:


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