13 Reasons Why Season Two Is A Thing!


For those unacquainted with the series 13 Reasons Why series, it’s on Netflix  and is about a High School girl named Hannah. Sadly Hannah decides to end her life and leaves behind a series of cassette tapes which contains details to help explain the events which led to her death. Katherine Langford is going to be surprising her role as the Hannah, whose character still plays an important role in the first season of series.

Some of the younger viewers of the popular series may not be familiar with the concept of a cassette tape, but fans of the show shouldn’t worry as another more modern medium of technology plays an important role and the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

While the first season of the hit Netflix series focused mostly on the people in Hannah’s life, who are trying to put together the pieces that Hannah left behind. The second season will focus on another popular character of 13 Reasons Why. Fans of the series will learn a lot more about  Jessica (Alisha Boe) in this coming season, along with a fascinating and emotional look at how Jessica is coping with the events of last season and trying to return to a normal life. Season 2 promises to be as heart wrenching and interesting as the original.

Sources: Spoiler TV

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