Warner Brothers to produce a Live-Action Swamp Thing Series!

Warner Brothers to produce a Live-Action Swamp Thing Series!

Warner Bros. is in development to produce a live-action Swamp Thing series, where it follows a detective as she investigates strange happenings around her hometown of Houma Louisiana! Check out the details here, and where it will become available digitally!

The further she dives into the happenings of the swamp, the more enthralling and horrifying the TV show will become. The Swamp Thing TV show is for sure to become a monstrous hit, as it features veterans of the horror genre, whom are staff writers including Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman who worked previously on the Netflix show Daredevil, and the movie It. Safe to say that this green baddy is in capable hands.

It’s no surprise that veterans of both the horror genre and the comic book world are interested in working this project. Swamp Thing has been horrifying audiences since 1971 and has even been adopted by the late Wes Caven, the creator of such iconic monster movies including Freddie Kruger and Ghost Face.


Rumor has it that there could also be a potential love interest between the detective and the swamp creature. This is no surprise, as the DC Universe is no stranger to the idea of unique on-screen romances, like that of Harley Quinn and the Joker.

This strange story of both horror and romance is sure to attract curious fans of both comic books and all things horror.

Keep in mind, Swamp Thing is expected to premiere and potentially be exclusive on the DC digital service, DC Universe.

We’ll keep you informed on upcoming news for Swamp Thing!

Source – Superhero Hype

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