Bungie Releases Warmind Comic, Featuring Story Lines!

Bungie Releases Warmind Comic, Featuring Story Lines!

Bungie has released a new comic for Destiny 2, and this time it’s all surrounding their upcoming expansion DLC Warmind. New details on the heroine Ana Bray are revealed, including her chubby Ghost. Read it here!

The Warmind comic focuses around the gunslinger, Anastasia (Ana) Bray. The new comic is illustrated by Kris Anka, known for Star-Lord and Captain Marvel, and written by both David A. Rodriguez known for Batman: The Brave And The Bold and Mark Waid known for Justice League. A few of the images from the comic can be seen below:

Warmind comes out on May 8th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 editions of Destiny 2. With a new raid lair, new locations to visit on Mercury, and a brand new campaign. Get yourself ready!

Read can also read the Warmind comic here.

We’ll keep you posted on new details regarding Destiny 2 and Warmind as they develop.

Source – GameInformer

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