Campo Santo Explains Valve Acqusition

Campo Santo Explains Valve Acqusition

Recently Campo Santo was acquired by Valve studios after their huge success with Firewatch. Now that a month or so has passed, Campo Santo has given an explanation as to why they agreed to the acquisition. Check out their reasoning here!

Following Campo Santo’s announcement for the Valve acquisition, they recently gave this explanation to IGN:

“We made the dream game. We made the game that wasn’t supposed to make all the money. We made a sad guy in the woods, psychological-slash-dramatic personal quest. Now we’re just trying to build a business and entertain folks who have been there since the beginning, like our fans and new fans.” – Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman

Following that explanation, Sean discussed his conversation with Jake,

“This started from Jake and I both sitting down with ourselves and being like, ‘What do we want as human beings,’ and then ‘What do we want Campo Santo to achieve,’ and then ‘What do we want as game developers to achieve” – Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, Campo Santo co-founders

That conversation slowly evolved into including Valve employees as outside parties:

“[The conversation involved us explaining] ’This is what we’re thinking about our next game. We’ve got some problems we want to solve. This is the way we want to run the company. That conversation led into the conversation of ‘That’s all really good. You guys should really consider doing that here under Valve.'”

“Then the long slow journey of thinking about what that meant and doing mutual due diligence,” he said. “Is this really a good fit for us? Is this a good fit for me? Is this a good fit for Jake? Is this a good fit for all the individuals who work at Campo Santo? One thing led to another and now we all work here.” Sean Vanaman, Campo Santo co-founder

It’s no surprise that Campo Santo moved under Valve, as they are currently developing a new game called In the Valley of the Gods.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Campo Santo and Valve news as it develops.

Source – IGN

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