Pet Sematary Adaptation Promises Cast of Stars, Brings on John Lithgow

Pet Sematary Adaptation Promises Cast of Stars, Brings on John Lithgow

In a year full of remakes, Stephen King fans can rejoice. There is a Pet Sematary remake coming to the big screen in the Spring next year.

“Louis Creed and his wife Rachel move their two children into a home and soon learn there is a creepy Pet Sematary near their property, where legend has it that animals buried there come back to life. It starts with their cat being run over, and brought back, and it gets much worse when the reanimation attempt turns to humans, who don’t come back exactly as they were before.”

Jason Clarke who played in the recently released horror flick Winchester, will be starring as Louis Creed. Alongside Clarke is the versatile film veteran John Lithgow.

For readers who may be unfamiliar with the  plot of the 1983 horror classic Pet Sematary, Lewis Creed moves his family  to a home that is located right beside a highway. When Louis’s pet dies he is warned by his creepy neighbor Fred, played by John Lithgow, not to bury the beloved family pet and about the Pet Sematary.

Fred warms Lewis that burying a loved one in the ancient Indian burial ground will bring them back to life as an evil zombie-like creature. As the beloved family pet dies, the father decides to try to comfort the family by burying the cat in the Pet Sematary. It works in the worst way possible, if that isn’t creepy enough. When the main character’s son Gage is hit and killed by a truck, the boys grief-stricken father buries his remains in the Pet Sematary, creating an adorable and yet murderous monster.

John Lithgow will bring his many years of acting talent, to what is sure to be an amazing remake of a creepy classic.

Paramount Pictures is anticipating a release for the remake of Pet Sematary on April 19th 2019.

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