Beyond Good And Evil Trailer Reveals New Flying Mechanic

Beyond Good And Evil Trailer Reveals New Flying Mechanic

Being to the long awaited sequel to the classic 2003 hit game, a new trailer for the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2 has revealed a new game mechanic that will allow players to soar high into the sky. Expanding the ideas from the first game, the sequel will allow players to directly pilot their own air ships as they explore the world around them. The ships come in a variety of styles, ranging from large freight carriers to small combat jets to maneuver around enemy ships.

Along with this new feature, Ubisoft has just announced that will not be bringing back the series’s original protagonist Jade, in favor of a new player customization protagonist. While not much is know about the customization options, it has been confirmed that a variety of human animal hybrids will be available to chose from.

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