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Avengers: Infinity War Invades Fornite

Avengers: Infinity War Invades Fornite

The popular survival game Fortnite, is getting a special Marvel implementation involving the villain Thanos. This new Avengers: Infinity War crossover will add some new gameplay additions to the 100 player mode.

The battle royale game is adding in a special Infinity War gauntlet in the mode, “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup”, that will transform the player into Thanos. While there isn’t any detail yet on how this will affect the gameplay regarding abilities, this crossover shows that Fortnite isn’t afraid to get involved in Marvel affairs.

While we won’t spoil the ending of Infinity War publicly here, we have thoughts on how this could affect Fortnite.

How Thanos Could Affect Fortnite

Based on the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, there’s a possibility that this gauntlet could start evaporating or disintegrating other players during this survival game.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Fortnite or Avengers: Infinity War details as they emerge.

Source – Kotaku, Entertainment Weekly

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