Black Phillip Funko Hitting Stores This July

Who doesn’t love Funko Pops right? Well, collectors of these fun pop culture figurines will be pleased to find out that there is new edition, to the line of Funko Pops, and this time it is based on a horror movie.

Black Phillip the nightmare goat, is a character from the horror movie The Witch. This adorable little hellspawn has been immortalized now by Funko as they have created a figurine of it standing on its hind legs, the figurine also features a fairy tail, a red plastic apple with which this creepy little creature can tempt unsuspecting fools that accompany him on your display shelf, there’s some awesome detail in the blood on his horns that makes it all the more sadistic and yet somehow adds to Black Phillip’s sadistically adorable appeal.

Parents will be thrilled to learn that this freaky little Funko will be available and stores in July, as they will no longer have to worry about their children misbehaving during the months when the Elf on the Shelf is busy helping Santa make toys, as this freaky frightening demonic bloody goat can offer his services to watch over children and make sure they clean their rooms and eat their vegetables all year round.

I’m pretty sure this demonic looking goat toy could serve as nightmare fuel for most, if not all, the children of the world.

Source: Dread Central

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