Humble Bundle Brings DevOps Books!

Humble Bundle Brings DevOps Books!

Humble Bundle is introducing a new book bundle featuring DevOps learning eBooks by Packt. Check out the new skills you can learn here!

Pay $1 or More!

  • Automate it!
  • Effective DevOps with AWS
  • DevOps for Web Developers – Video
  • Deployment with Docker
  • Docker and Kubernetes for Java Developers
  • Deploying and Running Docker Containers – Video
  • Linux Shell Scripting Solutions – Video
  • Three Months of Mapt Pro for $30 Coupon – Access every Packt eBook and Video ever published!

Pay $8 or More!

  • Anisble 2 for Beginners – Video
  • Practical Network Automation
  • DevOps for Networking
  • DevOps with Kubernetes
  • Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook – Second Edition
  • Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins – Second Edition
  • Getting Started with Kubernetes – Second Edition
  • Mastering Puppet for Large Infrastructures – Video

Pay $15 or More!

  • Mastering Ansible – Second Edition
  • Mastering DevOps -Video
  • Mastering Docker – Second Edition
  • Getting Started with Docker – Video
  • Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins
  • Mastering Kubernetes – Gigi Sayfan
  • Learning Kubernetes – Video
  • OpenStack Administration with Ansible 2 – Second Edition
  • Mastering Windows PowerShell 5 Administration – Video
  • Puppet 5 Beginner’s Guide

The charity that is benefited by this Humble Bundle is Innocent Lives Foundation.

“We unmask anonymous online child predators to help bring them to justice.”

You can get your copy of the Humble Book Bundle DevOps by Packt here ( where these great eBooks are yours, you can help the charity Innocent Lives Foundation, and give us the opportunity to bring you news daily!

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