Overwatch Introduces Pink Mercy Charity Skin

Overwatch Introduces Pink Mercy Charity Skin

In a new developer update from the famous Jeff Kaplan, he noted that Overwatch will be introducing a new Mercy skin called “Pink Mercy” and all the proceeds of the purchased skin go towards Breast Cancer Awareness. To do so, they partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

An emotional Jeff Kaplan discussed in this developer update about how people in the Overwatch team alongside in the world know or have someone affected by breast cancer, and to help fund research to eradicate this cancer, Overwatch is introducing Pink Mercy for $14.99, where 100% of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, or BCRF. The skin will be available for purchase through May 21st, but a pink t-shirt will also be on the Gear Store, and charity streams will also be ongoing.

In addition to these paid benefits, the charity streams will be ongoing via Twitch, and by tuning into them you can unlock Mercy sprays in-game. Just make sure to link both your Twitch and Blizzard account. A full list of streamers and streaming time can be found here.

You can get your Pink Mercy skin here, and the Pink Mercy Shirt here.

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