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The CW Announces Renewal of The 100 for a 6th Season!

The CW Announces Renewal of The 100 for a 6th Season!

The 100 is a show on The CW that is chock-full of post-apocalyptic awesomeness. The series follows the struggle within a group of teenagers who face the aftermath of being dropped on the planet Earth, which has not been inhabited by humans for many years.

The show has grown in popularity as it rivals iZombie for the top-rated show on The CW’s network. The fate of iZombie is still up in the air, as no-one knows if the popular show about a zombie who is struggling to live life like a normal person will be returning to the network for another season.

The situation that The CW find itself in, is that although iZombie is still one of its highest rated shows, The 100 has almost doubled as many viewers tuning in. The 100 has a staggering 2.1 million views, whereas, its competitor iZombie has only 1.3 million views.

The CW is making changes to its Sunday night lineup which may hold the key to the fate of the second highest rated show on the network.

If either of these shows sound interesting but you haven’t been able to tune into The CW, never fear, Netflix has multiple seasons of both shows available for streaming and binge-watching.

Sources: Spoiler TV

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