Come Along Now, Ponds: Why Amy and Rory Will Always Be the Best Love Story

Come Along Now, Ponds: Why Amy and Rory Will Always Be the Best Love Story

It’s been eight years since the Eleventh Doctor brought the Ponds into our lives, and it’s been five even longer and depressive years since they left us. So, if you’re missing Amy and Rory as much as I am, here are 6 times they showed us what true love looks like.

In the time-frame of true love, five years is nothing-but Rory and Amy’s love was everything but ordinary, which makes even one day without them feel like eternity. We can sometimes blame the Doctor for this-like the time Amy was quarantined in an alien facility with a different time speed, and spent thirty-six years away from Rory, whose own reality never changed.

Blinded by hurt and anger after being abandoned by the Doctor, Amy refuses to be rescued. It’s not until she takes Rory into consideration that Amy changes her mind. They say love makes you do crazy things-apparently true love makes you rip apart the universe and defeat predestiny so you can be with the one you love.

Series 6 “The Girl Who Waited”

Since we’re on the subject of eternity and true love, let’s not forget the time Rory spent TWO THOUSAND years waiting for Amy outside a box.

Series 6 “The Big Bang”

Remember when Amy finally confessed why she left Rory? I know you do, because how could you even forget?

Series 7 “Asylum of the Daleks”

You can’t be a true fan of Amy and Rory if you don’t understand that Mrs. Pond not only wears the pants in their relationship, but also makes this very clear to Rory-and often. Like when she refers to his “stupid face”,

or calls him an idiot:

But the best thing about Amy’s love for Rory is just that – a love just for Rory. She speaks her own language of love, and when it comes to Rory, there’s no denying when she’s speaking to him. Like that time he rescued their baby and she assured him a crying Roman with a baby was “definitely cool.”

Series 6 “A Good Man Goes to War”

And finally, you can’t be wholly invested in the love story that is Amy and Rory if these pictures don’t unravel you. As much as their story was about just the two of them, they weren’t truly the Ponds without the rest of their family:

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