Disney May Not Buy Fox After All


In December there was some talk about Disney, one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, buying another entertainment Powerhouse, FOX, which is mostly known for producing hits such as The Simpsons, X-Men and other controversial fan favorite shows; however, those might’ve been just rumors.

If Disney bought FOX they would own the rights to all of the Network’s creations. This was the source of controversy for fans of both Disney and FOX because the content produced by each of the corporation’s is very different.

FOX, has had more than one company try to purchase the rights to its films and TV shows as well as all of the studios belonging to it. Even going as far as the media company Comcast attempting to buy the rights to FOX last year.

As of right now, summer 2018, FOX, Disney, and Comcast refuse to confirm or deny the fate of the FOX Media Company and all of its properties. The representatives of FOX maintain that they have not reached any decisions in regards to who will own the properties of the  company by even having informed curious fans that no deals have been reached in regards to the company.

Source: Gamespot

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