Nintendo Announces Official Switch Charging Stand

Nintendo Announces Official Switch Charging Stand

Nintendo has just released details and a price on the official charging stand for the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch already has a charging dock with the console, the stand gives more portability.

The new charging stand that Nintendo is producing will help the Switch become more portable with a minimizing charging unit, but it also seems to not be playable on the TV at the same-time. Nintendo’s example image shows the joy-cons removed and the Switch on the table. That being said, it should give the Switch enough prop to overcome the kickstand that is unreliable.

Right now you can see the stand on Nintendo’s official site, although pre-orders are not available yet. As of now, the price is going to be $19.99 – a nice price if you’re playing the Switch on the go.

You can get your own Nintendo Switch charging stand on July 13th when it becomes available.

We’ll keep you informed on any new Nintendo Switch hardware and game details!

Source – Game Informer, Nintendo

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