Entertainment Industry Vets Team Up with Queensbury Pictures

Entertainment Industry Vets Team Up with Queensbury Pictures

Queensbury Pictures is promising a new impressive collection of unique and engaging films and TV shows,  which will be released into the ever-changing market of entertainment.

The company, is receiving a lot of funding for projects, especially from The MPI Media Group. The future of the company looks promising, and the company already has a collection of works that have been a hit at several festivals.

Queensbury Pictures will have offices in several big cities including Chicago and Los Angeles and is excited to announce that it will be creating content for many different media platforms based on what suits the story they’re telling and the needs of the creative minds behind the individual productions.

They have promised to keep on creating its trademark thrillers, including a film called Demon which is only described as an American Dream turned nightmare. Many horror aficionados would be thrilled to know that it’s already won over the hearts of many festival-goers in 2015.

While the company has many new and exciting ideas and a love for all things creepy that transcends all genres, there are some seasoned members of the entertainment industry excited to get on board with some of the projects produced by Queensbury Pictures. As an example, staff members from the film I Know Who Killed Me are eager to work with the company on some up-and-coming projects.

The official press release on the Queensbury Pictures news can be found below.

Queensbury Pictures Press Release



Cannes (May 9, 2018) –  Three industry veterans have come together to announce the launch of Queensbury Pictures, a production company specializing in the development and production of world-class Film and TV/Digital Series for traditional and emerging distribution and exhibition platforms.  The new company has a core executive team consisting of distribution and production executive Greg Newman; Award Winning producer Travis Stevens; and veteran acquisitions specialist, Giles Edwards.

“Bold filmmaking, world-class storytelling, truly unique projects that drive the conversation among audiences, buyers and festivals for the next decade – these will become the hallmarks of Queensbury Pictures,” said Giles Edwards.

Queensbury Pictures projects will be partly funded by a diverse range of equity partners,with the distribution apparatus of parent company MPI Media Group as the backbone of the operation

Newman, Stevens and Edwards bring yearsof collective experience and accomplishments to the new company, having facilitated a broad array of titles, from genre thrillers to documentaries to comedies and dramas. Their collective works include Stake Land, The Innkeepers, Cheap Thrills, Buster’s Mal Heart, Call Me Lucky, Tickled and many others. All three hail from highly respected companies: Edwards’ is formerly from UK-based Metrodome, where he was the Head of Acquisitions; Travis Stevens comes from award-winning production outfit Snowfort Pictures; and Greg Newman from renowned genre producer/distributor, Dark Sky Films.

Greg Newman said, “Queensbury Pictures will function as a genuine invested production partner, and in-house production entity serving the content needs of our customers.

The company will have offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and London. While most ofQueensbury’s contentwill be developed and produced in-house, the company will also look to shepherd in the next wave of great talent from wherever it emerges. The Queensbury Pictures team will be on the ground at Cannes seeking new project opportunities.

Travis Stevens said, “In a changing marketplace, Queensbury is uniquely positioned to take stories from concept through development, financing, production and release on whatever platform serves the story and the storyteller best. We’re an integrated company capable of taking a film from inception to exhibition, all under one roof.”

Queensbury Pictures already has several projects in development – a mix of features and episodic and digital short-form series, both original and based on some of MPI’s acclaimed library of titles.

The initial slate includes:

  • Demon – The acclaimed international festival hit is reimagined amid the nightmare that is the American Dream, written and directed by award-winning director, Michael Thelin (Emelie).
  • Broadcast Signal Intrusion – A terrifying and mind-shredding conspiracy thriller based on an original screenplay from exciting new British writers. The film will be directed by Jacob Gentry (The Signal)
  • The Girl in the Third Floor Window – The writing & directing debut of Travis Stevens, the project is being referred to as a factually based horror film.
  • Red Cloud – Classic American horror returns in the blood-curdling new vision from writer-director Chris Sivertson (Heartthrob, I Know Who Killed Me) and Producer Michael Moran of MarVista Entertainment (critically acclaimed Bitch and the recent Tribeca feature, 7 Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss).
  • Gas & Ammo – Drawn from the extreme motor sport scene, a new adrenaline-fueled long form series written by Erik Bergquist, (The Fast and the Furious).
  • A Slow Cooked Heart – Drawing on decades of stylish, decadent horror cinema, filmmaker Can Evrenol (Toronto International Film Festival 2015 opening-night filmBaskin) brings to life a bizarre, enthralling new neo-giallo short form digital detective series set at a remote elite culinary school.
  • Queensbury Pictures is also actively developing long form series based on MPI’s acclaimed library of titles.

Queensbury Pictures exists to usher in a next wave of storytelling. Queensbury develops and produces long and short form films and series crossing multiple genres. Queensbury strives to deliver audacious, world-class content to a global audience.”


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