Netflix Welcomes Stephen King’s In The Tall Grass Movie

Netflix Welcomes Stephen King’s In The Tall Grass Movie

Fans of all things horror will be delighted to know that a novella by the legendary author of horror Stephen King is being adapted into a scary movie for the popular streaming service Netflix.

Stephen King has done other projects for the Netflix platform, including the Netflix original 1922. What makes this movie adaptation a particularly interesting project for Stephen King’s growing collection of Netflix adaptations, is that Stephen King has help from his son who is also a very well known author of the horror genre. who writes under the pen name Joe Hill.

King also has help for veterans of the horror genre, including the great minds behind films of classic works like The Lazarus Effect and Splice.

The master of Horror seems to be taking a unique approach to the Netflix venue with 1922 as mentioned above, and Gerald’s Game, which dark film about lovers. Leading into In The Tall Grass, which is a story about a little boy getting lost in a field as others struggle to find him.

In The Tall Grass, is being shot this summer in Toronto Canada, while the film is set in Kansas.

We’ll keep you informed on new details for In The Tall Grass along with Netflix.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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