Nintendo Switch Adds Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in August

Nintendo Switch Adds Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in August

Capcom has just announced that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 26th 2018. This is the first time the game is being ported from Japan to the United States for wide distribution.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate also known as Monster Hunter XX in Japan on the 3DS is finally coming to the West this Fall with new expansions in monsters and “G rank” quests. Another bonus added is the fact all your saved data from Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS can be moved over to your Nintendo Switch!

Looking at the new monsters, “Deviant” monsters along with an all new Elder Dragon Valstrax and new end boss Ahtal-Ka will be added. You can see some of the new Deviant monsters below.

In addition to this, two new hunting style systems will be added called Alchemy Style and Valor Style:

Alchemy Style

Alchemy Style offers a twist to the average hunting arsenal by giving a barrel that, when shaken a bit, can yield items with special properties, interesting buffs for your hunting party, or even unique attacks. Pair this style with the Hunting Horn and Sword & Shield to become to the ultimate support hunter!

Valor Style

Valor Style demands the ultimate knowledge of your target as you place a bet on your health bar in exchange for powerful counter attacks. This one is for the folks out there who like to live on the edge or are looking to master flawless hunting methods.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on August 38th 2018, and Capcom says it will be playable at E3 2018!

We’ll keep you informed on any new details for Monster Hunter.

Source – Capcom

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