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Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Update

Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Update

Kingdom Heart fans rejoice! After years of fans begging and yearning for the next installment, Square Enix is noting that the game should be hitting the shelves for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year!

Though many are still skeptical as Square Enix has yet to confirm the exact date of the game will be released. It has been noted however, that the game was on the list of releases for the upcoming year which includes Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Octopath Traveler.

With the recent trailers giving players an insight on what to expect in terms of game play, players are still eager that the teases dropped by Square Enix will soon lead to a release date.

That being said, Kingdom Hearts III will be adding in some new worlds to the game, including Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. We certainly hope there are some surprise ones they haven’t leaked yet.

We’ll keep you informed on any Kingdom Hearts III news that comes up!

Source – EGM Now

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