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Family Guy Has Been Renewed By FOX!

FOX’s hit show Family Guy will have a 17th season after being officially renewed by the network. This comes after many other shows like Lucifer and The Exorcist have been cancelled.

The FOX network has recently canceled several shows, among those canceled including Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which was picked up by NBC for a sixth season) and The Last Man On Earth. The animated comedy about a family living in New England, however, is still airing on FOX for another season.

The creator Seth MacFarlane, plans on voicing some of the show’s most popular characters yet again. Not only is he the brains behind the show, but he’s also the voice of Peter, Stewie and Brian, who are three of the show’s most popular characters.

The other creators of the show seem to be unaffected by the cancellation of some of the biggest shows on the FOX Network. While it’s true that you can watch reruns of the show Family Guy on many different networks, as well as some of the most popular streaming services, it can’t make up for the show being permanently removed.

If you want to watch episodes of Family Guy, the show premieres on Sunday nights through the FOX network at 9 PM EST.

We’ll keep you informed of any new Family Guy news that develops.

Source – ComicBook

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