Incident In A Ghost Land Set for June 22 2018

The Lionsgate company responsible for modern classics will be producing a new film that is set to hit theaters June 22. The new movie titled, Incident in a Ghost Land, is the horrific tale unfolds when a woman inherits a house from her aunt.

She and her daughters decide to move into the home, where their welcome is not a peaceful one, and upon the first night in the house intruders hell-bent on killing, enter the home. To avoid the trauma, the daughters who survived avoid the house for 16 years and upon returning are greeted by something as equally terrifying.

The Lionsgate company has a history of creating some amazing movies. Some of the most famous films produced by the company include the Jigsaw franchise, which follows a murderer who is bent on getting his victims to appreciate life. The Twilight Saga which follows the book by the same name, and also the film adaptation of The Hunger Games series.

With the company’s track record of for just amazing films, I’m sure that Incident in Ghost Land will be no different.

Film director, Pascal Laugier promises that this movie will be “Dark and scary” according to Bloody Disgusting.

Incident in a Ghost Land will premiere in theaters and on VOD June 22nd 2018.

Source – Bloody Disgusting

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