SUPERHOT Goes to Japan in Upcoming Spin-Off

SUPERHOT Goes to Japan in Upcoming Spin-Off

The stylish time-bending shooter SUPERHOT is going to Japan with the help of Japanese studio GameTomo in a spin-off with the working title of SUPERHOT JP. The spin-off will offer players the opportunity to shoot and slice through a variety of Japanese-themed areas. They’ll also get to use new weapons, face new enemies, and other bits of local fun.

Sūpā Hotto (SUPERHOT in Japanese)

Interestingly, this new SUPERHOT game isn’t being produced by the original team. Instead, the Japanese studio GameTomo will be making the game “with guidance from” the creators. However, there’s no word on how much help from the creators this will entail. Some of the features GameTomo says the spin-off will have include:

  • A variety of areas themed around Japan, including karaoke bars, hot springs, bullet trains, and samurai castles.
  • New weapons, including a bow and arrow set, for those who finds guns a little too modern.
  • New map features, such as shoji screens that reveal the silhouettes of foes hiding behind them.
  • 15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless levels.

SUPERHOT JP is not a sequel, and there are no plans to make it for VR.

Meanwhile, SUPERHOT Team, the original creators, are currently working on SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, a standalone expansion for the game that gives the game a roguelite feel by adding runs, upgrades, and unlockable extra characters. The expansion will be free for owners of SUPERHOT, but you can buy into Early Access now for $12.

There is currently no set release date for SUPERHOT JP (or whatever its final title will be). It will release in Japan for certain, but it will “possibly” release somewhere else in the future. The fact that the official website has an English translation, however, suggests that we may be seeing a version come out over here. Fingers crossed!

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