Glass Spice Jar Review

Glass Spice Jar Review

Asani has developed a 14 pack set of spice jars on Amazon that give you everything you need to unify your kitchen with organization!

Included in this glass spice jar set are:

  • 14 glass jars with 14 aluminum lids
  • 14 shaker caps
  • 126 chalkboard labels (with blank ones)
  • 113 translucent labels (with blank ones)
  • red collapsible funnel

You might wonder why this spice jar set is so good to get a review, and it’s simply the amount of quality you get in the product for the price difference. Through Amazon, this Asani set cost $16.99 with shipping, and gives you everything you need to start packaging and labeling your own spices. It’s perfect for those who grow their own herbs like Thyme and Peppermint, where you can dry them out and crush them for these jars. It’s also great if you’re just looking to uniform your spices in the kitchen so they are all in the same containers and don’t have different labeling or color.

For your convenience I have included some pictures to show exactly what you get with the set:

My own take on this product is that it’s really handy and something that anyone could use. Spices are in every food, and being able to find them quickly and efficiently is exactly what is needed.

If you want to get your own, you can purchase it here on Amazon!

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