Rage 2 Plot and Gameplay Revealed

Rage 2 Plot and Gameplay Revealed

The second installment of the game Rage will be released sometime in 2019. This new installment will have players step into the shoes of Walker, who is the last real threat to the power structure of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland. Avalanche Studios promises that this game will have a steampunk type color scheme, along with a similar overall style.

Rage 2 features an open landscape with outdoor themes like a forest and mountains, a selection of landscapes that should make for interesting gameplay, with even the most serene landscapes featuring as much violence as any other.

The player must battle in a game of numbers as enemies will come with sadistic and violent tendencies that will pose a challenge for Walker, who will also have to find a way to survive the chaos by fighting for survival, scavenging and hunting for the tools needed to overthrow these impressive and violent gangs of monsters.

It does sound like Rage 2 will be a rather fun game to play in 2019.

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