Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande Rock Out on Nintendo Labo

Jimmy Fallon has done it again, and made another music video with Ariana Grande, but this time we find him and The Roots playing on Nintendo Labo instruments.

The song that is played in the music video is “No Tears Left to Cry” created by Ariana Grande. While she is the main singer in this video, The Roots back her up fantastically alongside Fallon. A full list of the musicians alongside their Labo instruments can be found below:

  • Ariana Grande – Vocals
  • Jimmy Fallon – Guitar, Piano Studio
  • Questlove – Robot Kit
  • Black Thought – Electric Guitar Fishing Rod
  • Kamal Gray – Toy-Con Piano x2 (Organ)
  • James Poyser – Toy-Con Piano x2
  • Captain Kirk – Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Kelley – Bass Guitar
  • Stro – Toy-Con Garage Drum Machine

Fans are going nuts over this rendition of “No Tears Left to Cry”, claiming that it’s even better than the studio edition.

This isn’t the first time that Fallon showed off the Nintendo Switch. On December 7th 2016 he debuted the Switch on his Tonight Show.

In addition he has worked with Ariana Grande a lot, including on their SnapChat video for Ariana Grande’s song “Into You” during 2016.

We’ll keep you informed on Fallon’s Nintendo Switch doings!

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