Interview With Cheshire, a CM for Bless Online’s Steam Release

For people who are new to the game, Bless is an online MMO, which features heavy combat. In this game, your choice matters, and players get the help of animal friends they make along the way and can keep as pets.

Geekishere’s own Keely Messino got sit down and have an online chat with Cheshire, one of the CMs for Bless Online’s Steam release. The game has been remastered and up for release soon!

Fans and curious newcomers alike are anxious to know about the resurrection of the MMO Bless.

Here’s some of the juicy details.

Keely Messino:

“I know the game ‘Bless’ has undergone some changes, what of these changes do you think is going to be the most impactful to the game play?”


“Hmm, for the gameplay itself, I would have to say the combat rework. The team has redesigned the combat to make it more fluid and engaging, and I think that players are really going to notice it. The addition of this new system that allows players to combo from one skill to the next while having to think about what skill combo is most useful for the situation has added a lot of depth and fun!”

I gathered that there’s a lot of fun stuff coming, in the new version of the game.


“If you ever get a chance to check out the new version of the game what do you like most about it?”


“A bunch of things! I really enjoy the taming system – I love collecting things, especially pets and mounts! So, I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time running around catching monsters. I also really enjoy party play (I plan on playing a berzerker when the game officially releases this month) and I can’t wait to play Bless with my friends. I love all animals myself and would be excited to check them out.”


“Are there any pets, collectibles, or combat moves that have been added to the new game that you can tell us about?”


“I don’t think so! It, of course, gives some benefits, but there are much more impactful things to the game such as player skill, gear, and experience. That’s a tough one, as there are so many awesome pets! There are cute and creepy ones, so folks will have a variety to pick from, including cats, demons, and more. I think the living mushroom pets are very cute myself.”

In addition to the fun stuff, there have been issues about money, and the high cost of the game as well as hacking, that was discussed as well.

Cheshire did tell me that there will be repercussions for people who were found hacking and cheating at the game.


“Absolutely. Depending on the nature and severity of the infraction, we might take actions ranging from warnings and temporary suspensions to permanent bans. We have our own internal guidelines on how to handle different issues so we are always able to maintain a consistent and fair approach to different types of problems that arise.”

Not all the game was pay to play as some of the fan sights lead me to believe, but this was still a worthy question.


“For those who pay to play the paid version there are multiple play packages of the game, which of these do you think is the best, value, which will give the best perks?”


“Again, that totally depends on the player! I think PvP players are really going to enjoy the arenas, RvR battles, and open field PvP. I think for PvE players the taming system is absolutely amazing, as is the dungeon and raid content. Personally, I love lore and learning about the story of different worlds, so I also think the race storylines will be great for people who want to keep seeing new lore. There’s even more than I just listed of course, and I think everyone who wants to play regularly will find something that they enjoy doing.”


“It has been wonderful talking with you, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me, I don’t think I have any more question to ask you. Other than, can you tell is anything off the record?”


“Haha, my job means I am always on the record It has been great talking with you as well! Thank you for taking the time to ask some questions about Bless. I hope you and everyone else will enjoy it when it comes out on Steam at the end of this month!”

Well you heard about it all here guys. Bless Online is going to be available on Steam May 30th 2018, and is currently in Early Access. You can check it out here for yourself, and get your own copy!

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