Developer Boss Key Closing its Doors

Developer Boss Key Closing its Doors

Being formed after EPIC games designer Cliff Bleszinki and Arjan Brussee left to start their own company in 2014, developer Boss Key is sadly shutting. On his official twitter account, Bleszinski made the following statement.

For those unfamiliar, the group’s most recent game Lawbreakers was met with positive reviews by critics, but unfortunately flopped due to poor sales and cost the developer’s around 30 million dollars in losses. Despite this, Bleszinski stated that they will keep servers up for their games for the foreseeable future. After their first game failed to reach expectations, they began work on their next project Radical Heights. 

Attempt a more stylized approached for a multiplayer shooters, Radical Heights was launched on early access only to be met with negative response. This marked the tipping point for the studio as a whole. After announcing Boss Key’s closing, Bleszinski stated that he will be taking some time off from game development, but hopes to return to the field in the near future.

It is a shame to see a once great game developers fail after trying to make it out on their own. Both Bleszinki and Brussee were major players in the gaming industry before they started their own team. Bleszinki being most famous for is work in the Gears Of War series and Unreal Tournament, while Brussee played a major role in the development of the Killzone series and being regarded as one most prominent figure in the Dutch gaming industry. Hopefully these two will make a return to the gaming world in the future and with a better outcome than before.

Source – Eurogamer

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