Star Fox May Be Getting A Racing Game [RUMOR]

Star Fox May Be Getting A Racing Game [RUMOR]

In a recent stream of rumors surrounding Nintendo”s Retro Studios, the Star Fox series might be getting into the racing scene. The Texas developer, who had worked on the Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong series on the Wii and Wii U, may be working on a new game titled called Star Fox Grand Prix if recent Reddit posts are to be believed.

Reddit user DasVergeben posted the rumors about the game a few days ago, claiming the new game will have an adventure mode, a hub world and boss fights. While their initial claim was met with underwhelmed results, evidence support the Reddit user’s claim soon began to circulate. A user on 4chan posted an image that seemed to show the official title for this rumored Star Fox game. With more information being gathered from various gaming news sites such as Eurogamer and Kotaku, the likelihood these rumors are true are getting very likely. With E3 coming next month, only time will tell if this new entry in this sci-fi series is real or not.

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Source – EGM Now

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