Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series May Follow A Young Aragorn

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series May Follow A Young Aragorn

Amazon has revealed more details about their upcoming Lord Of The Rings series, mainly who will be this series protagonist.

As it turns out, this new story will follow Aragorn in his earlier days before getting involved in events of the main story. For those unfamiliar with the character, he was played by Viggo Mortensen in the films and is a exiled descendant of the kings of Gondor. By the end of the original trilogy, he returns to rule his kingdom after the battle against Sauron.

While it has not been confirmed, the story may be set during Aragorn’s time as a Dunedain ranger. This would help connect this series with the events of the film. What has really drawn people’s attention is the fact that this TV series might become one of the most shows ever produced, rivaling that of the film trilogy. There is also rumors that director Peter Jackson maybe getting involved in the series development, though his role is unclear as off this moment. It was revealed that he given an offer to work with studios working on the DC comic movies.

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Source – ComicBook

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