Fortnite Coming to Android

Fortnite Coming to Android

Fortnite is heading to Android devices very soon, after being on iOS for a few weeks. This comes in a new update from Epic Games, giving other details on the mobile game port.

Fortnite has become one of the most popular survival single/multiplayer games on PC and console, and now Epic Games is bringing the franchise to mobile devices. While iOS has been worked on and available since March, Fortnite will becoming to Android very soon, You can also try a apk mod game on your Android device..

Epic Games is working on making mobile more stable, include voice chat, making the controls more fluid, have customization for HUDs (which just dropped this week), and increase the overall performance of the game. Currently, they are aiming towards making the Android release for this summer, but there is no ETA on implementing voice chat, which is considerably the most necessary add-on for this strategic game.

In addition, they are making changes to the controls including ‘auto-run’ and adding other ways to fire.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Fortnite news that develops.

Source – Epic Games Blog

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