Microsoft Releasing ‘Xbox Adaptive Controller’

Many people have interest in gaming but struggle to be able to use traditional controllers with the comfort and ease that other players can enjoy. Xbox has just decided to remedy this problem by designing, a new kind of controller which could be used not only as a traditional controller with both hands but it can also be used with one hand, or other various parts of the body.

This would make it much easier for a gamer with a disability to enjoy, the delightful hobby with their friends and family. According to the video below, a man with cerebral palsy finds that gaming is much more difficult than it once was because the controllers have developed, and his inability to use one side of his body yields using a traditional controller difficult. With this new adaptive controller however, that is no longer an issue.

Gamers with special needs are also embracing the new adaptive buttons and d-pad which are much larger than the ones you would find on a traditional Xbox controller. These adaptations make it easier for gamers with fine motor issues to be able to enjoy their favorite past-time

This new Xbox Adaptive Controller will retail for $99 and release later this year.

We’ll keep you posted on any news that develops from Xbox.

Source – Game Informer

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