No Man’s Sky Receiving Xbox One Version; Synchronous Co-Op

No Man’s Sky Receiving Xbox One Version; Synchronous Co-Op

The next big update for No Man’s Sky, titled the ‘Next’ update, will let players engage in full-fledged multiplayer. This version will launch July 24th, along with the Xbox One version of the game.

What the new version will offer

Back in late March, Hello Games released a teaser for the game’s ‘Next’ update. The big reveal, however, came in the form of an Inside Xbox stream:

Watch Inside Xbox Episode 3 – May 17, 2018 from Xbox on

That’s right, No Man’s Sky is finally getting full-fledged multiplayer. A limited form of multiplayer already exists, but this new version sounds like it will have much more player interaction. Full-fledged multiplayer is a feature players were hoping for since the beginning of the game’s massive pre-release hype train. In the livestream, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray said:

This is something that I wish we could have done sooner, but I’m so glad it’s happening. We’ve been playtesting it in the studio for the past six months, it’s a really different experience. No Man’s Sky can be a bit mysterious, a bit weird at times, and also sometimes a little bit lonely, because it’s sci-fi and I love that side of right. This is very different. It’s more Battlestar, it’s Star Trek away team, it’s fun and funny and emergent and kind of intense.”

The ‘Next’ update for No Man’s Sky will launch July 24th. It is planned to release alongside the Xbox One version of the game.

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