Overwatch Anniversary Updated with Skins and Petra Reveal

Overwatch Anniversary Updated with Skins and Petra Reveal

Blizzard recently announced that Overwatch will be getting another anniversary featuring all emotes and cosmetics, but they also revealed two new Epic skins alongside a streaming date to see the Petra Deathmatch map.

Overwatch shared out the two new skins called Venom Soldier 76 and Lightning Tracer:

In addition to this, Overwatch also announced that they will be showing a preview to the new Petra Deathmatch map tomorrow May 19th via Twitch. This will take place during the halftime for Matches 1 and 2, and show off another new skin alongside a stop-motion video.

Don’t forget to tune into Overwatch’s Twitch tomorrow, and get ready to take part in the Overwatch event starting May 22nd through June 11th. You can get all the skins and emotes from previous events, while taking part in the previous event’s special arcades which will become available again!

We’ll keep you posted on any new Overwatch news that comes up.

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