Senate Reinstates Net Neutrality, But Is Still Not Safe

Senate Reinstates Net Neutrality, But Is Still Not Safe

After Ajit Pai lead the vote to end the protections last December, the Senate has recently voted to restore the regulations of Net Neutrality. For those unfamiliar with Net Neutrality, it is a law that ensures that data on the internet is all treated equally regardless of the owner or the content. After Pai was appointed as Chairmen of the FCC by president Trump, it was made clear that goal was to eliminate the law.

However, after it was voted out during a Senate meeting, these changes were not set to be enforced until June 11th of this year. During that gap period, the Democratic party were voting to undo the decision and maintain the policies brought up in the Obama Era. By the time another vote was called on the issue, a handful of republican Senators sided with the Democrats and cancelled the original decision.

While Net Neutrality is staying put for now, it is still in danger as future votes might try to disband it again. There will likely be another vote at the house of representatives in the coming months. If you have any personal feelings towards this issue, you can contact your local representative to voice your opinion on the issue.

We’ll keep you posted on any new Net Neutrality news.

Source – GameInformer

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