New Details For Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum

New Details For Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum

Para Bellum, a Latin phrase that translates into “prepare for war.” It is an appropriate title for Ubisoft’s next expansion for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Revealed during a recent streaming event, the developers showed off the new Villa map that would be included in the expansion. Along with this new map, two new operators were revealed with a trailer dedicated for each of them.

The first new Operator is Alibi, a defender armed with a machine gun and the ability to create holographic decoys of herself. She is also the first Italian operator.

“”La minima esitazione potrebbe costarti cara”. Introducing Alibi, the first Italian operator in Rainbow Six Siege coming with Operation Para Bellum.”

Next up we have Maestro, the heavily armed Italian who makes his own doors with his bullets. Definitely not the one to tick off.

“Born and raised in Rome, member of the Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S) and now a representative of the Italian Units in Team Rainbow.”

And before I forget, the new map.

“Beautiful, deadly and designed to offer a competitive showdown.”

Also mentioned during the live-stream was the developers would be making changes to the older maps to re-balance the game-play. Fans of the game seemed incredible excited for this new expansion, as it has grown to be a major component of the eSports scene.

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