Paradox Interactive Reveals Imperator: Rome

Paradox Interactive Reveals Imperator: Rome

The studio Paradox Interactive have announced their return to their favorite historical setting with upcoming game Imperator: Rome. 

“Paradox Development Studio returns to ancient history with Imperator: Rome, a new title set around the growth of Roman power in a threatening Mediterranean. Unify Italy and then the world under the eagles of your legions. Or rule an Eastern monarchy with claims to the mantle of Alexander. Slaves, barbarians and war elephants bring the distant past to life in Imperator: Rome. Can you be a Caesar?”

Being know for the strategy based around historical events and culture, Paradox are happy to return to their roots after working on several Sci-Fi and modern games for their last few projects. The game will place the players in the role of an Roman Imperator in charge of governing and developing their society. No official release date has been given for the game and it appearance it will be a PC only release.

Currently, Paradox is hosting their own convention to promote and present their upcoming games. We will likely hear more about their work in the coming days.

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Source – GameInformer

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