Battlefield Returns To WW2

Battlefield Returns To WW2

EA has recently released a teaser trailer for the next entry of their famous shooter series, Battlefield 5. Most notable, this teaser confirms that the fifth entry will be set in World War Two, which hearkens back to the series’ roots. What might surprise people is that this trailer came out several days ago, but was left unlisted on their official YouTube Channel, making it very easy to miss for most people.

The brief clip shows us the HUD for the game, which seem to be going for a much more minimalist style. It is also possible that the game-play we saw was an animated take-down, suggesting that they will be incorporated into multi-player. It should be noted that all of this is just speculation based on the teaser. More information will be available later this week after EA airs it Battlefield 5 unveiling event this Wednesday 23rd.

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